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Few Australian wines and best dishes to pair them up

Since years, the white wine of Australia has won over the attention of citizens and itinerants of Australia whether it is sparkling or still wine. Many of us are unknown to the fact that Australia has reached the peak in manufacturing wine and expanded its limb across the world. Quality, flavor, and aroma is the basic foundation which the large scale industry stands on. According to a renowned journal, Australia is one of the top-notch industries producing exquisite wine. Some exquisite flavored Australian wines grapes are listed below.

Varieties of Australian wines-

Cabernet Sauvignon:
Another variety of grapes largely produced in Australia and approved worldwide for rich and delicious flavor. Firm but super smooth by material, this full bodied grape takes on a mind blowing aroma which can be savored while enjoying the wine. This grape is often blended with merlot to extract a delectable flavor. Apart from Australia, California and Chile also cultivates Cabernet Sauvignon across a wide ranging area.

Pairing with:
Dried Chicken and Turkey dishes are good to be paired with Cabernet Sauvignon but considered best with lip smacking red meat dishes. Some people love to take it with only simple and spice less red meat delicacies.

Riesling is a white wine making from the grape familiar as “King of the grapes”. The grape is robust in in growth and ripens very slowly. The heartbeat of the Australian wine Riesling is comprehensively grown in Clare and Eden Valleys and vineyards of Australia. Edgeways, other Australian places for instance, Francine in Tasmania are also enriched by awesome quality Riesling production.

Pairing with:
Riesling can be enjoyable with sea fish, chicken and pork dishes.

A dominant name in the Australian wine market, Merlot tastes best when consumed with baked dishes and dry fruits. The ultimate companion for wine lovers Merlot is a grape belonging to earlier ripen category than the other varieties of grapes. For harvesting Merlot, the combination of heavier clay soils and dry weather are the fundamental conditions.

Pairing with:
Any succulent veg dishes, baked foods and dry fruits.

Pinot Noir:
One of the best grape to produce quality Pinot Noir requires ample time period for becoming ripen and usable for red wine production. This grape contains a moderate level of polyphenol, a chemical substance known for its amazing health benefits and best recognized for its aromatic flavor.

Pairing with:
Baked and grilled dishes of Salmon, chicken, and lamb could be taken as the side dishes. Japanese cuisines are also pairs well.