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Casaca Shiraz

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Casaca Shiraz

This Shiraz has earthy cherry flavours with just the right balance on the palate between fruit, acid, and tannins to produce a soft but fleshy wine.


The Casaca Shiraz from Roo's Wines is a rich flavoured wine, providing a fruity mix with cherry or wild fruit flavours.

Roo's Casaca Shiraz is one of the darkest red wines you can find in the wine industry, even smokier than the Roo's Cabernet Sauvignon. This Shiraz has a good amount of tannins that can make the mouth dry. This is probably why the roasted meat is favoured with this wine. Roo's Casaca Shiraz provides a variety red, spicy textures and gives many intense flavours with its long durability. This Shiraz is also known for some world's finest flavours with the richest red textures.

This rewarding wine gives the aromas of delicious black cherries, smoky and savoury fruits of wild, therefore Roo’s Casaca Shiraz tastes best with meat servings. Besides the taste, Shiraz is one of the wines that contain the highest levels of antioxidants.


Roo's Casaca Shiraz is a delicious wine that contains 100% fermented grape juice, preservatives and sulphites. The ratio of the alcohol to volume (ALC. /VOL) of this red wine is approximately 13.6%. The Casaca Shiraz wine has the net quantity of 750 ml, to be stored in a cool and dry places for aging the wine.

The Roo's Wines advice you to drink responsibly and pregnant ladies urged not to consume the alcohol as alcoholic beverages can be harmful to the unborn child.