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Casaca Chardonnay

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Casaca ChardonnayPremium White Wine

A delightful, fruit driven wine displaying aromas of tropical fruits and peaches with just a hint of lightly toasted oak. The palate exhibits fresh, ripe Chardonnay flavors of melon and fig with a delicate, creamy texture and a crisp, clean finish. Subtle oak handling complements, rather than overpowers the wine.


Delicious Casaca Chardonnay Premium white wine is best enjoyed when it is served chilled. The Roo's Casaca Chardonnay is settled in the oak barrels for the perfect taste. The aroma of the wine after aging in oak blends so well to make your food taste mouth-watering.
Chardonnay is very important and popular grape for producing the white wine, Champagne, sparkling wine and dessert wine. Chardonnay grapes have their own international holiday that is celebrated every 21st May.

Roo’s Casaca Chardonnay is a premium white wine that goes well with a variety of foods. It has fine richness and well-balanced acidity level, it makes a delicious pairing with a large variety of hard or soft meat gourmets, sea foods or even dairy products like cheeses as well.


Casaca Premium Chardonnay is available in the net quantity of 750ml. It is to be stored in cool and dry place. The Roo’s Casaca Chardonnay contains 100% fermented grape juice, preservatives and sulphite. The ratio of the alcohol to volume (ALC. /VOL) of the wine in Casaca Chardonnay is about 13.6%.

Roo's Wines advise you to drink responsibly and pregnant ladies urged not to consume the alcohol as alcoholic beverages can be harmful to the unborn child.