Brand Ambassador

Roo’s Wines

Brand Ambassador Malt & Grain Whisky

Brand Ambassador whisky has an immediate aromatic wood, lightly perfumed, rich, smooth and very warming palate that leads perfectly into the finish that lingers for long. It has a most enjoyable nose of light butterscotch, whilst the palate is much smoother with the hints of spice and oak wood.


Brand Ambassador whisky is distilled from a fermented mash of cereal grain and aged in oak wood barrels with a capacity limit of 700 liters for not less than three years. Brand Ambassador whisky is delicately made to possess the aroma, taste and its characters.

This is achieved by careful blending of two or more specific grains. While aging in wooden casks, especially American oak and French oak casks, Brand Ambassador Whisky undergoes six processes that contribute to its final flavour:


Brand Ambassador is a fine whisky that contains 38% ratio alcohol to volume (ALC. /VOL) and quantity of 700 ml. This is to be stored in a cool and dry place.

The Roo's Wines advice you to drink responsibly and pregnant ladies urged not to consume the alcohol as alcoholic beverages can be harmful to the unborn child.